Best Friend

Meera and Rajni were best friends in school. They used to sit in the same desk in their classroom for twelve years. Everyone knew that they are inseparable friends, whether it is a cultural event in school or annual sports day, or a tuition, or picnic or excursion outside the school they were always together. Among the two, Meera was a outspoken type of girl and Rajni was a little submissive in nature. Once a boy outside school was disturbing Rajni in their way home, Meera slapped the boy openly on the street, everyone remembered that incident.

But things do not always end as it had started. After they completed school, they had to go to college. Meera loved English literature, Rajni loved Political Science. If they study different subjects, they would miss their gossips and fun during class lectures, also their class schedules would be different, so might be they would not get sufficient time to spend together. As I said, Rajni had a submissive nature and she was in many ways mentally dependent upon Meera. So she took a decision, she would study English literature and started to dream as Meera used to dream, that she would become a Professor of English literature at some University, College  or Grad-school. In some way she absorbed the dreams and desires of Meera’s in herself so well she could not recognize what she wants and what Meera wants.

Now you see the picture. It is 15 years later. Meera is assistant professor at a Grad school and  Rajni works as receptionist in a Hospital. Meera has married a man who is also a Assistant Professor in the same Grad school. She performed very well during her college days. She completed her graduation, Masters and then a doctorate in the same subject before joining her job and she met her present husband during her PhD. On the other hand, Rajni lost interest in English literature in the first two years of her college. She lost interest in studies. After completing her Graduation, she met a boy who worked as a Health Insurance agent and and decided to marry him and not to study more. After marriage she became mother in two years. Then to support her husband financially she joined her work as a receptionist. A society lost a good political scientist. But now also Meera and Rajni meet each other sometimes once in a month or sometimes once in three months.

You can find this kind of stories in all schools or colleges or in your locality. They would claim themselves as the cutest ‘best friends’, But in the end, your life is yours. What you love and what you want from yourself that is also completely yours. The flow of your life may be a streamline in a way, but others’ life can be turbulent in the same way. Best friend are those who understand each others’ way, may be they have to part the path but they would help each other to thrive in their own path. They would hold hand together with their own dreams in their eyes. They would help each other to grow and push each other in a positive direction. Just spending some little more time with each other and gossiping more is not the real goal of friendship. I have seen many people to misinterpret friendship in such a way, they forget their own objective of life. So, I would like to say, friendship is important, it is the most divine relationship in the world if it clicks. Sometimes we get a family from friends but we all came in the earth for a reason, with a particular objective, if we forget that in order to respect a relationship, that is the most disrespect to that relationship and injustice for our own self.


Saffron Day. /Daily Prompt: Meager/


It was a busy day for Shruti. It is 7-30 in the evening and she has not been able to reach her home after work. Shruti gives tuition to some local children who need it after school in return to some meager money from their parents. Its been seven years she is living with her two daughters alone. She was married 12 years back to a small shop owner. She did not know the character of her husband when she got married. Even she was 19 years old then. She was from a very poor family and her father worked as a carpenter. She had three sisters and one brother. As Shruti was the eldest children, her parents thought that she should be get married earlier in order to shorten the household expenditure. She had strong love for studies but she was not allowed to do it after her school was over.After marriage she came to the home of her in-laws which was a faraway place from her homeland and there also she was instructed to forget about studies.

Initially, it seemed that her in-laws are somehow not happy with her. She could not find out the reason because during the first two or three years after her marriage she sacrificed almost everything for her husband and in-laws. But later she understood that her in-laws do not like her because she is the daughter of a poor family and they did not get any expensive gift in the form of dowry during the marriage. Shruti’s first child born one year after her marriage and it was a girl. Her husband and in-laws was not happy with the girl child. Then again after she became mother and it was again a girl child.

From the first day, her husband and in-laws was not happy with her, but this time things turned such bitter in her house that she was forced to leave her husband’s house with her two daughters. She could not bear those innuendo and quarrels in her day to day activity. By that time her parents were dead too. She started to work as a housekeeper in a house distant from both her paternal and in-law’s house and used to stay in that house along with her two children. Later,in the evening she started to assist some local children in their studies to revive her studies and to earn a little more. Those children were also from some poor families. Some use to give her a small amount of money as remuneration. Later she took a home for rent and started to stay there. Also she  continued her work as a housekeeper and a private tutor. She was determined that somehow she has to educate her two children.

Today she was coming home from the house where she work as a housekeeping, and was thinking whether her two daughters ate anything in the evening and not. Today she is late and she was feeling guilty for not getting enough time to look after her two children.

But when she reached home, the room was dark but the door was open. Somehow she assumed something bad has happened. She started to shout the names of her two daughters. Suddenly the lights turned on. Her two daughters came and hugged her from two sides and wished her a happy birthday. She almost forgot it was her 31st birthday and her daughters arranged a surprise for her with a small cake decorated with cream of  saffron color. She could not resist herself from weeping. The cake was made by her two little daughters. She never received the luxury of celebrating her birthday in her parents’ or husband’s home. She kissed her two daughters. She was looking at the saffron cake but the view was becoming faint by her tears again and again.





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Living Legend

I do not believe that legends are born only, legends can be made too. Making is not in the sense of preparing a person through education and proper social background, the making is through God by means of proper situation.

Geeta was born in a Hindu conservative family in India. But the problem with her was neither she was a male nor a female, she was transgender. Initially her family treated her as a male child with the boy’s outfits. But in school she was a matter of laugh and other bad treatments by her classmates. Day by day, things became so intolerable that she was forced to leave school. But she loved book. She used to read books at home and sat for secondary and senior secondary board exams of school and performed well. Later she felt attracted towards men and discovered a women inside her. She then changed her name and changed the outfits she used to wear. After completing school, she went to college, and completed her bachelors and Masters degree in Economics. In the meantime she lost her parents in a car accident. The other family members was not so supportive towards her. She left home. She badly needed a job then. She applied for the post of a school teacher. Though she was eligible, but as she was from a small town, the headmistress of that school did not approved her application for that post, because the headmistress had a concern that the students would not treat Geeta well. The headmistress offered her a job to keep records in her office. as Geeta was in need, she took the offer and started her job. In the workplace also, she was not treated well. But she used to do her job sincerely and somehow managed to impress the authority by her work.


She saved most of her salary and decided to adopt a girl child who lost her parents. Now her daughter is 7 years old and goes to a primary school. After adopting her daughter she decided to take the charge of five other orphan child with the help of a NGO worker and the Headmistress of her school. Now she runs a orphanage with the strength of 20 children. With the help of some other social workers she takes care of these children and sends them to schools. She said in an interview, “I know the pain of not having parents and feeling abandoned. I will never let my daughter to feel like this. Other than my daughter I have twenty other children. I want to give them a good life.” She also thanked those people who supported her financially and physically to run the orphanage. Now she is also an transgender activist and writes and fights for the rights of transgender people.

This is the story of Geeta. Though this is a story and I have written it, being inspired by the life of a transgender activist. But I mixed the reality with some of my imagination. But in the end what would you call Geeta? As I said, legends are not always born, sometimes they are made by the situations. May be, Geeta can be an example of this. Though this story is imaginary, but if you open your eyes, will be able to find such legends in our world.



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Jealousy of laziness

Everyday when I go to my Institute after reaching to the railway station, I catch a Auto-ricksaw to reach there. From my home railway station it is almost 50 minutes train journey to reach

 my workplace rail station. After reaching there, it is almost 15-20 minutes journey to reach my Institute. For those readers, who are not familiar with a Auto-ricksaw, for their information let me explain it a bit. It is a typical three-wheeler small Indian vehicle and can be seen almost in every cities and towns in India. The upper covering of it is made of some rubber or polythene material and in the backseat three person can be accommodated, and in the front seat one or two person can be accommodated along with the driver. I prefer this vehicle over a bus ride because this vehicle is very airy and the outside can be viewed well from the back or front seat of a Auto.

Whatever it is, this 15-20 minutes ride is very refreshing to me. I enjoy the view of the roadside life in the morning. It seems that the city has just risen from its night sleep. The shops has started to open, the shopkeepers use to arrange their things in the shop in a lazy pace. The sweepers use to sweep the pavements in their own rhythm. As the road is a Highway, several vehicles including Trucks, Motorbikes, Buses run on that way. I see people sitting on the goods on a truck going to some distant place, enjoying the morning sun and free air. I feel jealous of them, while I am rushing to my destination thinking of my work, they seem to enjoy the whole morning and the whole surrounding with a patch of comfort in their mind. Also when I see some people going to shopping or to some relatives house lazily on that morning in a well arranged manner or lazily, I cannot stop myself from being envious of them. I use to think how well it would be, if I did not have a hurry to reach my place and have a lot of time to roam around in this beautiful morning like them. Every time I decide, in the weekend I will come to this place in such a morning and lazily walk in the pavement and do some shopping, or sometimes I think if I get chance I would ride a truck sitting on its goods I will enjoy a long journey in such a fine morning. 

 But irony is that, things never happen such way. In the weekends if I stay at home I don’t feel the urge to leave my comfort of home and enjoy that kind of laziness and if I go out with someone I generally go to some shopping mall, cafe, restaurant, park or amusement park, zoo or movie or some place where people go for some recreation. But then I don’t feel the urge to enjoy my journey, rather I feel more interested to reach my destiny because I feel relaxed and my destiny or company remains beautiful at that time. At that time, if some passer-by is in some hurry,may be they look at me and think how relaxed I am. 

 I realised later, that it is human nature to become envious of what they don’t have, but at the moment he or she gets it, people lose interest in it,and don’t feel the need to look back. I became sure of it, when after realising this thing,  I took the auto ride again and the view of cool and relaxed people in the time of my hurry again made me jealous of them.

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Balance of life

Very often my friends and acquaintances tell me that I am a well composed person. I can balance things well and act accordingly. To tell the truth, I have learnt to balance things from my boyfriend, though he has so many faults, still he has an exceptional character to revert back from any obstructing situation in a very short duration of time. Though the zodiac sign of my boyfriend is Libra and people say that the key characteristics of a Libra person is balance, but I am not a Libra person. Another thing that people sometimes tell me that, I am lucky and I have got things in my life as I wanted. But to tell the truth, thing is not like that. I had to go through some very painful situations which I can’t explain to them, sometimes such a misfortune that I just asked God,  “Why me? “.

But in the end what I understand in life, is just to balance,just to equilibriate things.  As a student of science, what I was taught in my school days was nature always wants equilibrium. This is true for life also. As you will drift far from equilibrium you will lose hope, peace, happiness. I also bleed inside, I feel too much frustrated inside sometimes, but people cannot understand that from outside because I don’t want them to. This is the difference. I don’t like to flee from situations. I was always taught by my parents to fight over it. If you undergo a break up or something like that, going to booze with your friends will not help you to revert back, neither doing something to teach her a lesson would work. What would work is to analyze, how it happened and now what you want. Though I admit, it is not practical to think that a person who has undergone a tremendous mental trauma will be always in a situation to think clearly and analyze things as an analysis expert. No, I don’t expect that. Things do not happen so drastically. But yes you can practice it. Maiming balance within yourself can be achieved through practice only.

You can start it with a comparatively mild situation. Like, one day your colleague who had a good relationship with you before,  misbehaved with you leaving you no clue about the actual reason. It is not the first option to curse the person like hell and abuse him or her back. Maintaining your calm and trying to figure out his situation in home or in office earlier on that day would help you better. That is the way to maintain balance. May be, it would cost many things, but in the end you will be the winner somewhere or at some point of time.

That is what I believe. I can not force you to believe that too. But as I said previously, similar to nature, life always wants balance and equilibrium and anger,rage, frustration-these things cost a lot of energy in you, which drags you far from equilibrium. Your role should be to control them in your best possible way. May be, my way and yours may not be the same. But to maintain your balance in your life will gift you done better memories, understanding and respects.

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Statistical Distribution and God

I sometimes fancy about whether God loves statistics so much or not. At least, whenever I look at our surroundings, I can see a statistical distribution everywhere. If you look at nature, as Darwin’s theory suggests, there is a statistical distribution of various genes in a particular organism species. The particular individual that has a gene, that is the most favored in nature, survives among them. Also in case of natural landscapes, height, temperature everything is very beautifully distributed, though the distribution is not an even one, but still it is present everywhere with its own charm. So this theory is nothing special.

Also if you look at human beings and our society, you will see a statistical distribution all over. For the case of human being, their height, look,color, shape and everything are distributed sometimes randomly, sometimes showing a pattern. Not only that, from a little bit philosophical point of view, all the intelligence, courage, love, emotions, good luck- everything is distributed very systematically.

The distributions with some pattern shows mean, median and modes in their arrangement. As statistics and probability are very closely related you will be able to see various probabilistic phenomena are happening with their specified tendencies. The more you will see these, you will fall in love with the distribution, no matter whether you love statistics or not.

But in the end, there is a question about whether God loved statistics and probability so much, or we invented these subjects, just to understand God?